The most recent election brought unprecedented change to America, from New Hampshire and their all-female Congressional Delegation to the first openly homosexual senator. Marriage equality for gays and lesbians also made great strides this year, with the President becoming the first in office to explicitly support it, and the issue will continue to be a central topic of debate in years to come. These events provide the inspiration for "The Wedding," a stylized play on political cartoons in which Lady Liberty is walking down the aisle with Lady Justice.  The medium is metallic paint on wood, with the hard metals representing the adversity that gays have faced both politically and legally over the last century, and the exposed wood representing the raw naturalness of love. Halos of white and gold for the innocence and purity of spiritualism in what ever form one chooses. The piece is meant as a sort of time capsule, tied specifically to this point in our country's cultural evolution, which we will hopefully look back upon as a watershed moment for civil rights.


A Show to benefit the D.C. Center 


SheNaNigaNs. Latest Work, 5 ft. X 4 ft. on Wood. 

Shenanigans, Joey DeRuy , Little Chimp Society


Illustrations For New Zealand Magazine Vanguard Red

Joey DeRuy for Vanguard Red magazine


Featured link on IncredibleThings.Com as " a Modern Picasso " 


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Joey DeRuy for


Limited Special Edition Cloud Series

Original article of the artwork

There have been many requests and inquiries about my Work entitled Montana Clouds. This painting was made and sold in 2008. Due to this demand I have decided to make available a smaller scaled version of this artwork.  I have made a Series Of Original Limited edition Clouds signed and numbered. Each art piece is unique onto itself. The Original artwork this series is based on is measuring at 72in.W x 42in.H x 4in.D. Each series piece will be at a more manageable size size of 17in.W x 12in.H. x 3in.D. Please write at for more information


Feature in Art Hash 

Feature in Art Hash


Crating art to Ship to the east coast 

CratesCrew building the crates
Self portrait in a crateUncle Sam in a crate
Boxing the Crate
Nescience in a crateNescience in a cratecrate reinforcements closing a crate
finished crates Crate ready for shipment


Feature in "Lost at E minor" 

Check it out, Im grateful for this mention in Australian based publication "Lost at E minor". 

Joey DeRuy in publication Lost at E minor


Joey goes to the District Of Columbia 

It's official!  Due to the response from my recent "I want YOUth" project, which features my interpretation of Uncle Sam, I will be bi-coastal for the next year.  Starting May 1st. 2012, I'll be spending most of the year in Washington, DC painting a private commission and working on other proposed projects. I'm honored that my artwork has taken on a new level and I will once again be working to create art for a government agency, along with a private collector.  During my time in the District, my current artwork will be remain available on the west coast until in San Francisco.

Joey DeRuy gores to Washington D.C.